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Machine Learning Contest

Algotester, together with Huawei, announces the Machine Learning Contest! We invite individual participants to solve a single machine learning problem during 16 days of the competition.


Contest prizes

1st place — $3000

2nd place — $2000

3rd place — $1000

4th place — $800

5th place — $500

6th-10th place — $200

Contest structure

The contest consists of a single machine-learning problem for participants to solve during a 16-day period. The contest starts at midnight on May 25th and ends at midnight on Jun 10th (Kyiv time).

The provisional competitor standings will be available to the public on the contest standings page. Read the problem description "Scoring" section for details on your submission evaluation. Your overall result is the maximum score of all your submissions, and your penalty is the time elapsed since the contest started until you have recently improved your score.  

All competitors are sorted by the overall score (from larger to smaller) and then by the penalty time (from smaller to larger). When the contest is over, the final testing will be triggered. The final results will be published within a week after the round ends.  

Past Algotester & Huawei contests

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